Sarah (zepp0) wrote,

An open letter to the creators of NOVA

To whom it may concern,

Let me first say that as an annoying intellectual type who gets a boner every time she hears the words "lost civilization," I have enjoyed nearly all of your documentary efforts thus far.

I appreciate that in your zeal to bring the past to life that you sometimes feel the need to throw in recreations to liven up what some may consider to be dry content. I completely understand this, there are teenagers all over this country being forced to watch these during history class and you want to make it a little sexier for them.

That being said when dealing with the enigmatic first ruler of the Mayan city of Copan (Yax Kiuk Moi) I believe it is best that you simply allow our own imaginations to breathe life into this long lost king.

Because your recreation looks like Flava Flav just ripped the beating heart out of some dude and it really sort of ruined the overall feeling of antiquity.


Yours truly,




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i hate modern Nova. Every science show is "scientists wondered about [evidence A] but something was wrong, because that doesn't make sense given [theory B]...[55 minutes and no real information later]...and they proved that [theory B] would have to be modified due to [evidence A]."

The voiceovers try to use the "accent" of the person speaking now, which just makes it corny. I could go on.

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