Sarah (zepp0) wrote,

Great Art - Small Business

This is Rosalie - theinnocence
I dig her in a way I am not sure I could articulate. I worked hard to be her friend because at the begining I kept forgetting that I had met her or where she lived because I was being a tool. I think it was I not remembering to be still and see the world. There were so many things coming at me at that time, so many people and I just didn't see her right away, like a tiny jewel half buried in the sand.
We love each other now though and she wants to start a business, some place where artists can go and make a living and be seen, a collection of jewels plucked up from the sand and put under glass.
She is selling all she has to make this happen, so please go look and buy if you feel moved and if you can't buy, wish her luck as we all need plenty of that these days.
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